6th Annual Chefs of Compassion: Cooking for a Cause


Brain Tong

We are excited to have Brian Tong, a Cupertino native, as the Emcee for the 6th Annual Chefs of Compassion: Cooking for a Cause!

Brian brings his high energy and edgy style as a video host for CNET showcasing the latest and greatest in the tech world with substance to back up his style.

Brian regularly appears on CBS, CNN, Headline News and local TV stations and radio networks while hosting several of CNET’s flagship franchises. The Apple Byte features all the good and bad surrounding Apple, with news, App reviews and comedic skits. Prizefight is a face-off between two of the hottest products in categories ranging from smartphones to laptops.

Brian graduated from San Jose State University, majoring in broadcast journalism. He started his media career as one of the hosts of an Asian American pop-culture TV show called STIR TV, that aired nationally for over 4 years. He had the opportunity to cover the latest smartphone technology in Japan in 2003 that has just reached the U.S. Plus, he also worked for Apple Computers for over 5 years.



Chef Alexander Hult
Hult's Restaurant in Los Gatos

Chef Isamu Kanai
Executive Chef
Bushido Izakaya in Mountain View
Chef Kathleen Ko
Culinary Coach
Chef David Wiesner
Siena Bistro in San Jose


Food Pantry Challenge:

Chefs have to prepare one dish prepared solely from ingredients found in the food pantry.  Four courses will be served at the event and Chefs choose from a hat the course that they will be responsible for.  Chefs will get to ‘shop’ from the WVCS food pantry in advance and will be given a list of ingredients that they would be able to use.  A film crew will document the ‘shopping’ and prepping of their courses which will be shown on-screen at the event.  Chefs chosen for this challenge will work with WVCS’ catering team to execute their dish on the day of the event.

Challenge Rules:

Chefs are able to use any of the items from the food pantry.

1.     All items in the recipe must be found in the food pantry.

2.     Oil, flour, sugar, herbs, and seasonings are the only exceptions.


Two categories: Judge’s Choice/Popular Choice

1.     Judge’s Choice - Chefs will be judged on a 5 point scale for taste, appearance, and creativity. 

2.     Popular Choice - Awarded to the Chef who received the most votes from event attendants.

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