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Our 2021 Honorees

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Richard & Ellen

Ellen and Richard have lived in Cupertino for 38 years.  Their two daughters attended Regnart Elementary, Kennedy Middle School, and Monta Vista High School.  They love traveling throughout the world, and especially in California.


The couple has been a big supporter of WVCS over the decades financially and as volunteers.  They were deeply involved in the development of Vista Village, have been volunteering for holiday giving programs since the 90’s, and have served on the Host Committee for Chefs of Compassion.  They proudly describe WVCS as the reason nobody needs to go hungry in Cupertino and the reason everyone in Cupertino can get help to get back on their feet.


Ellen is a former elementary school teacher and volunteers extensively to support foster children.  Richard is a former WVCS President, Cupertino Mayor, and high tech CEO. 

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Lowenthal 1.jpg

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