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Frequently Asked Questions about Chefs


We have planned a wonderful evening for you. We wanted to share some notes about the most common queries we get prior to the event.


  • How long is the event?

We typically wrap up ​around 9.15 pm though it may go a tad longer especially if we are all having a blast!  

  • Is there a dress code?

The dress code is semi-formal and our theme this year is BLACK and GOLD. While a theme match would be wonderful,  we will love seeing your unique style in any outfit of your preference.   

  • How will I vote for a Chef?

We'll take care of all that and you will have little ballots to fill out that we collect and count right around the time of the last course.

  • Can I park nearby?

There are lots of parking spots and we've never seen this be an challenge.

  • Is this an online event?

Sorry, although we have done a few fun online events in the past owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, our event logistics work much better in-person. It's more fun in person!

  • How do I know where to sit?

Once you take the stairs or elevator to the second floor, come up to the registration deskh and we will give you all the information about your Table, activities and where you should go.

  • Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Unfortunately you cannot buy tickets on the day of and we require advance bookings. But you can always  join us next year!

  • Is there special food options for dietary needs?

If you have not already reach out regarding dietary needs, please do so ASAP. Email us at If we are very close to the day of, it may not be possible to fulfill all of your dietary needs, though we always try our best.

​More questions? Reach out to or call us at (408) 255-8065 and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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