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The Guest's Perspective

"Great evening, great testimonies, great MC's!"

"Thank you for the in person gathering. It was humbling to see how WVCS helps the community. Best Wishes always!"

"Great program! Thank you for working so hard to garner support for a worthy cause."


"Thanks so much for the logistics of putting this banquet together and for the several moving speeches."


"Very professional and coordinated. Loved all the stories, including the chefs."

"Every detail was perfect - food & wine delivery & taste, entertaining host, personal stories from clients, engaging emcee, successful use of technology for a virtual gala." 

"I enjoyed it thoroughly, it was entertaining, fun and included wine."

"The MC was superb and the event was seamless - best one I have attended and I attend a lot of non-profit fundraisers!  Perfect connection to the mission, event was just perfect and it was compelling." 


"I enjoyed learning about the chef’s challenges of going into a food pantry and whipping up a five star meal. Also the interactive portion of the event. Cheers🍷"


"I always enjoy videos of the chef's process. The dishes were marvelously presented."


"It was a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn about the issues of homelessness and how organizations like WVCS help. We had a wonderful and memorable time. Thank you for the thoughtful preparation and attention to detail."


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