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What People Are Saying About the Gala

"Very professional and coordinated.  Loved all the stories, including the chefs."

"Every detail was perfect - food & wine delivery & taste, entertaining host, personal stories from clients, engaging emcee, variety of auction items, successful use of technology for a virtual gala." 

"I enjoyed it from the comfort of my own home, it was entertaining, fun and included wine."

"Josh was a superb MC and the virtual event was seamless - best one I have attended and I attend a lot of non-profit fundraisers!  Perfect connection to the mission, event was just perfect in being an hour long and it was a compelling event." 


"I enjoyed learning about the chef’s challenges of going into a food pantry and whipping up a five star meal. Also the interactive portion of the event. Cheers🍷"


"I always enjoy videos of the chef's process.  The dishes were marvelously packaged."


"It was a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn about the issues of homelessness and how organizations like WVCS help. We had a wonderful and memorable time. Thank you for the thoughtful preparation and attention to detail."


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