The Chefs

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Chef Joni Sare


Chef Joni started her private practice as "personal trainer for the kitchen." Joni's teaching focus is to assist others --from 6 yrs old and up-- to find their inner cook, to show them how to create food that they like, and help them develop a new automatic pilot in the kitchen that works for them, their health. Her passion is to create a seamless boundary between eating for health, eating for pleasure and eating sustainably. As a trained nutritional chef, she acknowledges that food is one of the top offenders for damaging the body; and is a major hero to bring the body and mind back to full potential. "Healthy cooking is the best preventive medicine," is her motto. As a personal chef, she provides weekly meals for families, and caters private events, with health, pleasure and sustainability in mind.


In 2012, she co-authored a cookbook "Upgraded Chef" with Dave Asprey, author and founder of "The Bulletproof Diet." In 2014, she joined the leadership team of Slow Food South Bay, the local chapter for this international sustainable food organization and became Board Chair last year. In 2015, she began working with Epicurean Group, a sustainable food management company for campuses and tech companies administering their "Food Literacy" program. In 2016, Joni was named "Best Personal Chef" in Silicon Valley, by the San Francisco Magazine. You can find her on Cozymeal --doing off-site team building cooking parties and at Ovenues and Yelp for your next party.

Chef Charles Honea


Chef Charles Honea is an experienced  executive chef in the Bay Area. He has mastered his trade by working alongside numerous brilliant chefs and mentors over an incredible  24 year journey to culinary excellence. 


Chef Charles has had the opportunity to create great meals at Nordstrom, the brewery Lake Tahoe and a famous large search technology company, providing meals for thousands. He enjoys bringing smiles to people through his food.


Chef Steve Caposio


There is probably no one who best exemplifies the passion for life, and love of food that the Italians are known for than Steve Caposio.  A second-generation multi-media chef; Steve’s enthusiasm for cooking and entertaining came from his TV chef mom, Etta Lasco.  From the age of 6, you could find Steve in his mom’s Long Island kitchen, or on set of his Mom’s cooking show, learning centuries old techniques in the art of ‘peasant Italian cooking’. Every detail, taste, color, even the sounds that certain foods have; Steve soaked it all up and honed his culinary skills and developed a palette that has served him well in his quest to bring his passion to the masses. It is that passion, knowledge, and love of great food that attracted The Food Network. Steve was cast on the Food Network’s show Cutthroat Kitchen for Season 12’s December 13th episode “We don’t need another Gyro” and came out a winner.  Winning a little over $10,000, he donated his winnings to his sister in law Sally Brown who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.



For many years Steve has been sought by some of the top San Francisco restaurateurs, hotel owners, United Gourmet Sales, and the San Jose National Association of Catering Experts to learn his techniques. Steve’s philosophy is that “life is a journey to be enjoyed”, and that great cooking is not something that you need years of training or hundreds of dollars to produce.  “It’s something that everyone can do.”

The staff, management and Board of West Valley Community Services extends their deepest condolences to the family of Chef Caposio on his passing. We will sincerely miss his spirit of giving, his sense of humor and his incredible talent this year.

Chef Vidya Gurikar


When you meet Chef Vidya, the first thing you notice is her enthusiasm and generosity. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Chef Vidya Gurikar is an expert chef in fusion and ethnic cuisine. Through her time serving Bay Area residents, she has been a pioneer in blending California trends into traditional Indian food.


Having catered for events of all sizes ranging from 10,000 guests at Cow Palace to more intimate events at numerous homes including cooking a special meal for Bill Gates, Chef Vidya has gained the reputation of serving pure, nourishing gourmet dishes. Chef Vidya believes that food is more than nourishment for body, but that it is really a centerpiece for celebrations that bring people together. Her aesthetic sense is reflected in the presentation of her food through colors and textures to elevate the experience that Chef Vidya provides to all her clients.